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  1. What is the purpose of building the world’s largest buckeye necklace?

    The purpose of constructing the world’s largest buckeye necklace is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research through the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. For more information about the Spielman Fund click here.

  2. When will the necklace be on display?

    The display date will be communicated once an agreement has been reached.

  3. Where will the finished product be displayed?

    The finished necklace will be on public display once the program has concluded at a location to be determined in the near future.

  4. Why can’t I select or request the buckeye number I want?

    In order to keep this as easy as possible, the website will automatically assign the next available number for us to use in manually numbering the buckeye before it’s added to the necklace. Buckeyes #1-#100 are on reserve for an auction to be held in the near future.

  5. I have a question not listed in your FAQ. Who do I contact for my question about this program?

    You can contact us with any questions about the buckeye necklace program by clicking here.

  6. What are the specifications of a 100,000 buckeye necklace?

    The end-to-end length of a 100,000 buckeye necklace is expected to span a little under 1.5 miles! The estimated weight should come in at 1,250 pounds!

  7. What if I do not want to provide names for each buckeye purchased?

    Anyone who makes a purchase can simply type "anonymous" in the first and last name fields. The name, “anonymous” will appear for the first name and “participant” will appear as the last name in the online master list of participants.

  8. Who or what is Invokause?

    Invokause is a non-profit organization registered as such with the IRS. The goal of Invokause is to invoke action for community causes through creative projects. You can learn more about Invokause by clicking here.

  9. Will I receive my buckeye in the mail?

    No, the buckeye(s) you purchase will get added onto an ever growing buckeye necklace. Each buckeye purchased will receive a unique, sequential number linked to the name(s) you provided in the purchase form.

  10. What if I misspell a name or would like to change/replace a name? Can I change a name I submitted after I already purchased a buckeye?

    There is no edit function to allow participants to change a name once it has already been submitted. However, you can contact us to explain the situation and we will attempt to make the change you are requesting. You can make this request by clicking here to contact us.

  11. When will this program end?

    The program will end once we’ve reached our goal of 100,000 buckeyes. We expect to reach this goal by the end of 2010, but that is subject to change.

  12. Is this program endorsed by the Stefanie Spielman Fund?

    Yes, Invokause has partnered with the Stefanie Spielman Fund for this program and has earned their praises and guidence.

  13. Will you sell buckeyes outside of the website, such as local retailers, OSU football games or other events?

    Yes, in addition to the website you will be able to sponsor buckeyes at some upcoming events and local retailers such as Buckeye Corner, Conrads and College Traditions.

  14. Who will own the necklace once the program is over?

    Invokause will assume ownership of the necklace after the program has concluded. Once the program is over Invokause will determine the final destination for the necklace through either an auction or by donating it to a facility where it can be housed.

  15. The price seems like an odd amount. How was that determined?

    The price for each buckeye is $2.50. Our market research showed this to be a comfortable price point. An important goal for this program is not only to raise money and awareness for the Stefanie Spielman Fund, but it’s equally important to do it in a way that is affordable for all who would like to participate. In addition, the price point allows to offset operational costs while still making a significant portion of the $2.50 price available for the Stefanie Spielman Fund.

  16. Where is the necklace being constructed?

    The necklace is currently being constructed at Invokause’s office in Westerville, Ohio. Once the program is over the necklace will be on display for the public to enjoy.

  17. Where can I see the list of everyone who has participated in the world’s largest buckeye necklace?

    Anyone at any given time can search for and view all of the participants who have purchased a buckeye. That list can be found by clicking here. However, if someone purchased a buckeye and chose to do it anonymously, then we will not display their first or last name in accordance with their request.

  18. I am hesitant to give you my email address, are you going to give my email address out to third party marketers?

    Absolutely not! We will not release or sell any of your personal information to anyone outside of Invokause.

  19. Is the purchase of my buckeye(s) tax deductible?

    Yes, this program is operated by Invokause, a nonprofit organization registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 corporation. Each purchase will generate a confirmation letter you can print which has the appropriate information needed for your tax deduction purposes.

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