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Buckeyes For A Cure co-hosted a ceremony with Chris Spielman to unveil the world’s largest buckeye necklace at the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center on July 31st. People who attended this event had the opportunity to sponsor one of the first 50 buckeyes. Sponsoring one of the first 50 buckeyes also includes your name engraved on the Block O display case. We still have a limited number of buckeyes in the first 50 available. If you are interested please contact us to find out how.

There are two buckeye numbers unavailable to anyone as they were reserved for two very special individuals who have been an inspiration to so many.

The words “number one” and “champion” are often linked together, and who better than Stefanie to have buckeye #1.

It’s also fitting that we give #36 to her husband Chris, who wore that number while playing for Ohio State.

The names are those of the persons who have purchased the buckeye or the name of the person in whose honor the buckeye was purchased. The names on this list is not an indication that such person has endorsed or sponsored Invokause, Inc.’s Buckeyes for a Cure program in any manner other than previously described.

1 Stefanie Spielman View Image

2 Alan & Gloria Bork View Image

3 Alexander & Victoria Bork View Image

4 Bob Watkins View Image

5 Jonathan & Alison Cochran View Image

6 Kelly Raymond View Image

7 Richard & Janice Dickrede View Image

8 John Mayes Jr. View Image

9 Quintin M. Goffe View Image

10 Lola C. Shephard View Image

11 Steven Kalister View Image

12 William B Farrar View Image

13 Betty Chilles Kademenos View Image

14 Katie Lindsey Class of 2016 View Image

15 Kathy Lindsey Class of 1978 View Image

16 Kathleen Wanner View Image

17 Rachel Garwood View Image

18 John Garwood View Image

19 Kristen Catton View Image

20 Suzie Dupler-Telle View Image

21 Ryan Mierau View Image

22 Renee Yinger View Image

23 Donna Waters View Image

24 Aldrene Mautz View Image

25 Drs. Travis & Laura Ulmer View Image

26 Lisa M. Gallagher View Image

27 In Memory of Sheila Teegardin View Image

28 Nicholas Bertolini View Image

29 Susan Zanner View Image

30 Erick Zanner View Image

31 Cricket Scheurer View Image

32 Leslie von Lehe View Image

33 Tonya Lee Smith View Image

34 Jionni Edward Potter-Fox View Image

35 In Memory of Tom Ball View Image

36 Chris Spielman View Image

37 Raymond T. Woods View Image

38 Charles L Shapiro View Image

39 Julia R White View Image

40 Selin Carkaci View Image

41 Michael J Miller View Image

42 Karla Redding View Image

43 Sue Neagle View Image

44 David and Mindy Pifher View Image

45 Katherine Musson View Image

46 Elizabeth Witten View Image

47 In Memory Of Logan Wiseman View Image

48 Vera Garofalo View Image

49 Richard & Karen Herndon View Image

50 David and Vicky Escalante View Image

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